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"True time domain sensors have been very expensive in the past, which is why they have not been much used other than in agricultural and environmental science. The relatively inexpensive ($100’s) sensors that were purported to be TDR sensors in the past, were not true time domain sensors. New, relatively inexpensive true time domain sensors are now available in the market (Acclima TDR-315 and ACC-TDT)." --USDA Presentation: Soil Water Sensors for Agriculture


True TDR-315 (SDI)

Completely intergrated TDR accurately yields VWC and BEC/PWEC with a high-speed 150 pico-second rise time for a detailed wave form analysis.

TDR-315TDR-315 Data Sheet

TDR-315True TDR-315 User Manual


True TDR-315L (SDI)

Also a fully integrated TDR, the 315L consumes less power than its sibling, but still maintains a 300 pico-second rise time for superb accuracy.

TDR-315TDR-315L Data Sheet

TDR-315TDR-315/L User Manual

True TDR-310S

True TDR-310S(SDI) with rounded form factor

This TDR is from the same family of the other Acclima True TDRs, however its rounded form factor allows it to easily attached to a (sched. 40) 1" PCV pipe and/or be inserted into an access tube as small as 1.25" (sched. 40 PVC) to be inserted into the soil at a specified depth.

TDR-310S Soil Moisture Sensor True TDR-310S Data Sheet

TDR-310S Soil Moisture Sensor Acclima True TDRs User Manual

DataSnap Data Logger

DataSnap Data Logger

Portable SDI-12 mini data recorder. Takes over 53,000 5-datapoint scans before it overwrites the oldest data. A/B USB cable included. Battery pack requires 8 AA batteries. AC/DC universal adapter is also included.

DataSnap Data RecorderDataSnap Fact Sheet

DataSnap user manualDataSnap User Manual

Free SnapView SoftwareSnapView Software Setup (version 1.2.0-Updated August 22, 2017) for Windows PCs

Latest SnapView Firmware UpgradeLatest SnapView Firmware Upgrade ACFW_19_2_1_3.waf updated June 14, 2017

Latest SnapView Firmware UpgradeInstructions for applying DataSnap firmware upgrade >> ACFW_19_2_1_3.waf

Standard TDT Sensor

TDT Soil Moisture Sensor (SDI)

Also used worldwide, this TDT sensor accurately measures VWC, Bulk EC, and temperature. Temperature accuracy is within 0.5˚C.

TDT Soil Moisture SensorSDI-12 TDT Soil Moisture Sensor Data Sheet

TDT User ManualStandard TDT User Manual

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