• Founded in 2001

    Acclima, Inc. is headquartered in Idaho's Treasure Valley (Boise area) where agriculture is a major force in the local economy. Acclima's mission is to help the research, agriculture, and turf industries become ever more productive and efficient with breakthrough technologies that have never been available before. Our soil water content sensors are increasingly gaining world-wide acclaim as the high standard in soil condition monitoring and control. Acclima is currently involved in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the USDA at their invitation.

  • About the Founder

    A retired 30-year HP executive, Scott Anderson holds a Master's degree in electrical engineering. After he retired from HP, he founded Acclima, Inc. Having grown up working on the family farm and being an avid gardner and orchard owner, Scott had long desired to come up with a practical way to precisely control the application of irrigation water and he understood the many advantages this ability would bring to farmers and researchers. This was the impetus behind the development of Acclima's crown jewel technologies of the TDT and TDR soil condition sensors. Scott currently holds 10 patents.