Research Synopsis

Tools for Turfgrass Irrigation Water Management

North Carolina State University

Garry Grabow, Ph.D, PE --January 2008
Acclima's Suspended Cycle ® and Water on Demand ® methods were tested against a timer and an ET controller in a smart irrigation field test. The study was separated between weather based controllers and soil moisture based controllers. Of the soil moisture based controllers two were tested the SCX Suspended Cycle ® controller (formerly the RS500) and the CS3500 Water on Demand ® controller. "Turf quality was best for plots irrigated with the 'on-demand' system and the ET controller system. The 'on-demand' system provided the best combination of efficient irrigation and turf quality." Both the Suspended Cycle ® and Water on Demand ® Acclima controllers performed better than the ET controller. Even the dumb timer in this study out performed the ET controller. This proves once again that Acclima soil moisture sensors, Suspended Cycle ®, and Water on Demand ® technology is superior to ET based controllers. Download Study

Download Study